All teams will adopt the Academy Playing Philosophy/Style, and aim to play the "Velocity Way" at all times.


What is the "Velocity Way"?

The Carolina Velocity playing Philosophy, namely the "Velocity Way", is our style of play and has two key areas; in possession and out of possession.


When in possession, we encourage all players to play through the thirds of the field with maximum technical and tactical efficiency.


When out of possession, we encourage our players, if achievable, to regain possession as quickly as possible by individual technical efficiency and tactical competence as a team.


If possession cannot be regained quickly, an organized defensive block will be formed.


Our style is developed over a period of time, throughout each phase of the performance pathway, underpinned by a positive learning environment, and group of staff who place individual player needs at the forefront of all learning.

If soccer was meant to be played in the air there would be pitches in the clouds

Carolina Velocity, FC a 501(c)(3) North Carolina youth soccer club headquartered in Raleigh, NC

US Club Soccer Affiliate

Address: 5600 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC, 27606

Phone: 919-859-2997

Email: info@carolinavelocity.com

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