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Our Philosophy

The Velocity Way

The Velocity Way is the way we coach, it's our passion for the sport and our love of the game. It's the high standard we hold ourselves to as stewards of youth soccer. It's our commitment to giving every player in our club the best training and the most fun soccer experience possible!

Professional Curriculum

While all of our programs are created to be fun and fast-paced, our club caters to players who aspire to train in an environment where excellence is the key. Our curriculum is founded on professional training principles and methods adapted to teach and develop young players. Our players quickly become technically proficient, they play the game with confidence and intelligence!

Style of Play

The Velocity Way also describes our style of team play.  When in possession, our players are encouraged to play through the thirds of the field with maximum technical and tactical efficiency. When out of possession, we encourage our players to regain possession as quickly as possible by individual technical efficiency and tactical competence as a team. If possession cannot be regained quickly, an organized defensive block will be formed.

Our style has been appropriately adapted to teach players at each phase of our performance pathway. Intelligence, creativity and teamwork are consistent elements emphasized at all stages of learning.